I’m Sarah, the photographer behind the business and this is Jinx, the face of the company. If you found yourself here because you want to know more about Jinx, my feelings aren’t hurt. It’s about time she started using that adorable face for more than just begging.

Other than a dog mom and spending many hours at the dog park, I adore traveling, playing soccer, mountain adventures, and the occasional binge on Netflix (obviously Friends.)

When I say I love traveling, I don’t mean the all-inclusive once a year kind of deal. I mean the off the beaten path, new cultures, landscapes and adventure found across the globe.

If you’ve got a travel idea for me, are eloping somewhere, or just want to swap adventure stories… I’m always free for a tea!

Jinx is essentially human with enough personality for two. She listens on her own terms, greets every guest with entirely too many kisses, and has me wrapped around her little paw. It’s one flash of those majestic eyes, and I’m destined to say yes to whatever she’s demanding. I guess you could say her sass is what makes her so damn loveable. 


fun facts

About Sarah

I'm irrationally terrified of birds, I'll laugh about it and joke about it for days... but put me in a room with those feathered creatures and I'll hyperventilate and cry

I went to school in Minnesota, and while I did study photography… in my mind, I really was only there to play soccer

I collect postcards from all the countries I've been too, and enjoy hand written notes from the ones my friends have traveled to

I’ve been to 16 countries with a passport ready to check off number 17

About Jinx

Tattooed twice. Once with some digits to ensure she is always returned to me. A second tattoo of Zzz… a matching tattoo with myself, because friends that nap together stay together

She believes in a big greeting, kisses and all

She holds a wicked grudge. It’s hilarious how she will ignore me every time I miss a walk or leave her at the kennel

Great at agility, terrible recall

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