2017: a brief review in images


I could write a novel about every single couple I worked with this year and then still be forgetting details from the day. One thing I’ve learned after 4 years of being a wedding photographer, is that MY favourite images are rarely YOUR favourite images.

So while I could dig in the archives and share my artistic/portfolio, what could be award winning favourite images, I know I could have pick 1000 other completely different images and still called them my favourites. This is just what wedding season summed up in 20 images looks like to me. The stuffing your face with chicken nuggets (AND SHARING WITH ME), the ecstatic parents, ceremony giggles, sunset sneak outs, failed awesome family photo, and the determined bridesmaids lifting up the groom. These are the photos that don't always get shared, but are just as important (in my opinion) to telling your whole day start to finish. 


This year for me personally has been a whirlwind, can go down as one of the best. I started the year off with a business mentoring 6 month intensive. What I didn’t realize was this business intensive would trickle into my personal life and flip my world upside down. I started prepping for time off, organizing my life and doing more for myself. These small changes lead to one big change in my life, my happiness. Jinx & I moved to the inner city, a home without roommates, dog parked daily only to meet Jackson (one of the highlights for 2017).

The wedding season was filled with work but it was also filled with rest. My favourite niece turned two, my favourite nephew was born and Jinx & I both had splendid birthdays. We vacationed in Montana, hiked and basked in the sun. If I’ve learned anything from this year, it’s that I’m a better photographer when I’m working from a place of rest. 

Sarah Beaulieu

Photographer from Calgary, Alberta specializing in Weddings