Four Tips for Your Ceremony

Leave enough room in aisle

It seems so straight forward, but believe me I've seen the awkward walks down the aisle. It's extremely popular for both the Mother & The Father to walk their daughter down the aisle these days. Make sure you communicate with whomever is setting up the chairs, leave room for 3 people + a dress so no one has to stagger their walk, or be uncomfortable. 

Talk to guests about remaining in their seat area

The unplugged wedding is largely up for debate, and I'm not here to sway you one way or the other. What I will say though is having your justice of the peace make an announcement to remain in the seated area is largely appreciated. If anyone comes into the aisle to take pictures, uses obnoxious amounts of flash at indoor locations or decides to leave their seat in the middle of the ceremony it largely 

Harsh Lights & Trees

The tree you've dreamed of getting married under should be explored in various ways. When you're getting married at noon in the dead of summer with zero clouds this is would it potentially can look like. As a photographer, I have no way of curing this.

Receiving Line

If you're doing one, great plan where you will be standing who you want in the receiving line. Do you want your entire wedding party, or just the Bride & Groom + Parents? 
If you're not doing one, be clear in this. Guests are from varying generations and may assume a receiving line is mandatory. Nothing is harder or more uncomfortable than cutting it short with family members. Save face and time by having it announced right after the ceremony.

Sarah Beaulieu

Photographer from Calgary, Alberta specializing in Weddings