Alaska Adventure Part One

Go to Whittier, it will be fun they said. 

Ok. So maybe renting a car vs an SUV wasn't the smartest decision we ever made. But it's certainly set us up for some hilarious stories. 

One. Alaska is gorgeous, it looks like the sun is setting and rising at all times of daylight. Which is like 7 hours of daylight. Then it's pitch black and totally acceptable to be in bed by 7pm. 

Two. Thank god for leg day and all those years of soccer. 

Three. I never want to "drive manual" again. 

Tuesday started off great, up by 5:50 and out the door by 6:30 to head to Whittier. The drive was pitch black but we had to make it to the "tunnel" by 8:30. The tunnel is only wide enough for one vehicle so it goes one way for 30 minutes then switches back. 

Once arriving in Whittier we were headed straight to a hiking trail to watch the sunrise. Or I guess so we thought. 

Half way up this hill of snow we realized our dreams were diminishing and sunrise photos were out of the question. We got stuck. Real stuck. 

So being the problem solvers we are, we get out, dig the areas the tires got stuck on and push, we gain motion, maple keeps driving and I start running to jump into a moving vehicle. Oh god. We need a third friend to video this shit. We will be taking applications in 2017. 

2 minutes pass and we realize this drive isn't safe and it's best we re evaluate.

We try to turn around. And guess what. Stuck. Stuck again. 

The next 40 minutes was spent pissing ourselves laughing while literally manually pushing the car forward 2 feet and pushing the car back 2 feet. We did a 10 point turn manually. Then once we got turned around and momentum got going I was in the drivers seat. Yelling. "I can't stop jump in". This time going 30km/hr because momentum. I wasn't about to push again. Maple made it. Tears in our eyes from laughing. A sunrise missed and only 20 minutes to spare before we had to go back through the tunnel. 

Go to Whittier.

That afternoons drive back was one of the prettiest. We ended up stopping off a bunch on the route back. The way fog looks, god damn, Earth showed up for this drive. 

Once back to our Airbnb we had some food before wandering out and about. The view from our place is insanely gorgeous so we walked the paths. 

More on this trip to come soon. 

Sarah Beaulieu

Photographer from Calgary, Alberta specializing in Weddings