Alaska Adventure Part Two

Since dog sledding got canceled due to lack of snow, we got a full refund. 
Flying is cheaper than dog sledding. 
So it's like getting paid to go flying.




Wednesday morning started out with breakfast at Snow City Cafe. I'd highly recommend this place for breakfast, cute diner, kind staff and delicious breakfast. 

We then made phone calls to all the aviation places that flew over Denali National Park. Left messages and waited by the phone. We figured it was a long shot any time slots would be available day of. Some things just fall into place and we were able to book a spot on the last flight out with K2 aviation. 

I'll be honest and say that it was a "less pretty" drive out to Talkeetna compared to Whittier. I mean some parts were just forest and other parts we saw glimpses of the Alaskan Mountain line. However the way the mountains look all day in Alaska is what we get glimpses of at sunrise or sunset back home in Calgary.

With arriving in Talkeetna a little early we headed to the little bitty town to explore, but also take selfies with the tripod... obviously. I love visiting small town american beauties like Talkeetna, especially eaves dropping in small towns. You always leave knowing something about somebody that happened at that one bachelor party last year.  

With K2 Aviation we paid for the hour tour, however the 2 people who were accompanying us for the tour paid the big pennies to tour both the north side and the south side of the Denali National Park. 
Sooo we got an extra 40 minutes in the air, FREE. 
40 minutes I'll never forget. 
I'm a strong believer in paying for experiences over tangible items. This tour in the air was one of those things that just reaffirmed my belief in this. The way the light was hitting the mountains, the way the glaciers have formed, the large masses of rock and the tallest peak in all of North America. I mean this is one experience I won't soon forget. If you ever find your way to Alaska, take the drive and take this flight.

On a side note. The couple that paid the extra dollars... yeah THEY FELL ASLEEP. Mortified. I am mortified with them for missing out on such a beautiful experience, but stoked they paid for my experience.

Alaskan Recommendations

Anchorage Airbnb - Gary was an amazing host, and the place is in such an ideal spot. Walking distance (in summer) to downtown, as well as plenty of pathways around to explore. We had everything we needed in this one bedroom apartment, yet Gary was only a call or text away for recommendations. Which for the record, every recommendation he made turned out to be perfection! 

Snow City Cafe - Amazing local diner, quick friendly service.

49th State Brewing Company - Can't say enough positive things about the staff here, but the food was just as good. And the beer, the beer was diverse and delicious... and trust me I tried plenty. 

K2 Aviation - They were so kind over the phone, had plenty of tips for preparing for the flight but also what to wear in flight. Dallas was our pilot and was educational in the sky, professional yet personal. I'd fly with them again in a heart beat. 

Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop - We went at Gary's (airbnb) recommendation and were floored by the service, so friendly and inviting. If I had known it was going to be so awesome I would have made plans to go back and sit and hang out. 

Seven Glaciers Restaurant - I'll admit I am hesitant on spending absurd amounts of money on food. However, hear me out on this one. It was worth it. The restaurants view is epic, let alone the food they prepare for your 5 course meal. We took the gondola up early (highly recommend) then headed to the bar where Keanan made us laugh hysterically all while recommending perfect beers for each of our tastes. Our server for dinner was so knowledgable and kind, and our food delicious. We went on opening night, and the kitchen was kind of slow (Thanksgiving dinner), however I was informed it's not usually like that. Regardless, spectacular food + employees, so choose good company and you're in for a treat. 

Sarah Beaulieu

Photographer from Calgary, Alberta specializing in Weddings