beau bride basics : common problems with solutions


Wedding days never seem to go down without at least one minor issue. These are 4 things I see often with an easy fix to ensure you're prepared. 

1. Zipper Breaks:

Although it’s rare on a wedding dress, sometimes these bridesmaids dresses are a LITTLE less well made.

SOLUTION: Mini sewing kit + Safety Pins, put it in a gals bag and if you have to sew a gal or two into their dress to make it to the alter… so be it!

2. Suspenders Break:

It’s happened more than once and it’s either they all wear it, only the groom wears it or no one wears them… you know to tie everyone together.

SOLUTION: Back up solution of belts, or buy a couple extra sets of suspenders that you can return post wedding if you don’t use!

3. Sore Feet:

You didn’t exactly break those new bride shoes in, did you? 

SOLUTION: Pack some cheap flip flops or a old pair of runners. We can navigate our way to the photo location with the pretty shoes in a bag!

4. Sun Burnt Brides:

You’re standing at the alter, directly in the sun and while your make up make have an amazing SPF in it, did you remember your shoulders? I’m not just worried about the red marks, I’m worried about the discomfort you’ll feel for the rest of the week and the potential for heat exhaustion in a heavy dress.

SOLUTION: Team Sunscreen. All the bridesmaids, especially the pale gals like myself need to put some precautionary sunscreen on the exposed body parts. Otherwise we may be finding out later during photos just how burnt you got, and finding your dress is right against it for the next 10 hours.

Sarah Beaulieu

Photographer from Calgary, Alberta specializing in Weddings