beau bride basics : learn to delegate


You may have spent 6months or perhaps years planning one day… spoiler alert, the day is going to happen so fast. If you’re stuck being the only one in the know, you’ll be forced to take on ANY task that happens, is forgotten about or got left till the last minute.
It’s my opinion, that weddings shouldn’t be like the group project you dreaded in University. Instead you should be utilizing your friends and families skills to help you manage the stress or the busy before your big day! It’s time to ask your friends where they are able to step in, rather than assuming they will just “know” what to do and where to help on the day of!

Here are some ideas on what items you can delegate so you can bring on your wedding day with less stress & a feeling of community.

1. Day of Contact

Photographers, venues, officiants or any of your vendors may need to get a hold of you on your big day. You phone will of course be off while you take in the big day, but it’s important you can still be reached in case of any problems or big decisions that can rise. Having a bridesmaid & groomsmen designated as a contact makes this smoother and less frustrating for those involved! You can get the message if you need it, or your Contact can make the decision without adding things to your plate! 

2. Keeping the getting ready space tidy

Girls getting ready is just never a squeaky clean thing. There is snacks, make up bags, suitcases and clothing every which way. It makes it simpler for us photographers to capture your moments when the mess is tucked away to one area.

3. Day of Food

Perhaps you’re still the one to order & select it, but maybe you’re delegating the pick up to a Bridesmaid or family member who will be coming to the getting ready locations.

4. Bride Tribe Bag

I’m talking the bag with all your supplies. Your lip colour, perfume, hair spray, bobby pins, lady products, and anything else you may wish to have with you. Delegate someone to pack it and ensure it gets on your mode of transportation.


5. Time Keeping

This is the gal who periodically will call out what time it is, allow you to acknowledge how ahead of schedule you are and help complete tasks that are getting in the way of being on schedule! If you wrote getting in your dress for 12:15, she’s the one letting you know it’s 20 minutes till we will be getting into your dress, do you need food, a mimosa or anything before this?

6. Portrait Wrangler

This is the gal that knows you family, has a big family and is efficient. Although we create that family list together, this friend will be helping me find them if they stray, call them when they’re needed and help this operation run as smooth as possible!

7. Decision Maker

If I can avoid telling you that one of the guys suspenders broke, minor family disputes or your Limo showed up to the wrong house… I will. I don’t ever make that choice, but I like asking your BFF if you need to know. This way she can make the decision, problem solve and leave you less stressed OR come to you with your options so you have a simpler time making the decision to solve the issue.


Ultimately it’s your day and I want you to enjoy it with having zero things to dampen that wedding day bliss!


Sarah Beaulieu

Photographer from Calgary, Alberta specializing in Weddings