beau bride basics : prepping your groom


Three Things Your Groom Needs to Know

I semi wish I was joking writing this... but after 80+ wedding days I'm surprised I'm only writing this now. 

1. How To Tie a Tie

The number of times I’ve shown up to a wedding with 4-10 guys staring at me asking “Do you know how to tie a tie” or “Can you tie our ties for us” is actually shocking. Either have your suit rental pre tie them all to length, or have them all learn one type of tie!

2. Boutonnieres:

It’s happened more than just a few times… the grooms leave the house/hotel without their florals. How are they supposed to know, they don’t even remember picking it out! To avoid this, have the flowers delivered to the ceremony spot with the task delegated to a friend or family member to ensure they’re looking their best before walking down the aisle

3. Suit Jacket

4-10 guys all wearing the same thing…it’s bound to get mixed up. Have their items differentiate by safety pinning a name to the inside of a suit jacket or if they own it, simply writing their initials inside.

Sarah Beaulieu

Photographer from Calgary, Alberta specializing in Weddings