Ben & Kris : Tamarama Beach


I'm a firm believer that the best things happen when you get uncomfortable. Outside your comfort zone is this great world and I found this couple in an incredibly awkward, kind of ridiculous way. I'm choosing to be honest with you, because a lot of photographers are curious as to how I got a wedding in Australia. But even more curious how I got more couples while I was there. The truth is, the wedding was of a couple I met 6+ years ago while I was backpacking Greece. The other couples were from reaching out to those whose style I dug.

Ben was my tour guide for a Blue Mountains tour that my friend and I did in Sydney. He was hilarious, had a funny way of telling the history of the Blue Mountains and giving us the most random facts. Best of all? He wore a wedding band. Which meant someone was putting up with him, and I just had to ask if he and his wife were up for some photos before I left Australia. I got his email, then lurked my little heart out to find Kris, his wife. The most badass, naturally pretty yoga teacher. So obviously I wrote them an email. Only to find out that Kris is even cooler in person and better yet, the sweetest human. The two together is pure happiness mixed with a dose of goofy. I love it. 
See? Good things happen outside the comfort zone. 

They suggested this spot at Tamarama Beach and I'm so grateful they did. It's beautiful, its diverse and the world did us a favour with that sunrise. 


Sarah Beaulieu

Photographer from Calgary, Alberta specializing in Weddings