Carmen + Alex Sneak Peek

The level of cuteness that goes on in this couples relationship is movie worthy. Their level is infinite and the way they look at one another and speak about one another is indescribable. If ever their was an appropriate time to use the hashtag #couplegoals .... Carmen & Alex are it. 

Alex is hilarious, he told me "I'm the kind of guy that if you tell me what you want for your birthday or christmas I'm not going to get you it. I like surprising people. I agreed with Carmen that a puppy for christmas was a good plan, but obviously that wouldn't be a surprise for her so today just worked better for the surprise factor." 

Carmen received a puppy, YES ladies a freaking PUPPY! The breeder was kind enough to come by the hotel with the puppy to surprise Carmen. In just 2 weeks the puppy will be old enough to go home with them. How perfect? Carmen was so shocked and her tears of joy were infectious. 

Ok enough about the puppy, here are the rest of the sneak peek images from an amazing day with amazing families. 

Wedding Vendors

Wedding Dress: Beautiful Bride
Venue: Cottonwood Golf & Country Club
Hair: Amanda Cherniuk
Make Up: April (summit salons)
Videographers: Milky Way Films
Bridesmaid Dresses: Davids Bridal
Groomsmen Attire: Moores

Sarah Beaulieu

Photographer from Calgary, Alberta specializing in Weddings