Comparison is the Thief of Joy

 Picture Credit : Kaihla Tonai

Picture Credit : Kaihla Tonai

I'm prepping for my quarter life crisis; it's going to be epic and full of travel and not really a crisis.

I've been super in my head lately, feeling lots of emotions. Comparison isn't good for the soul and I highly recommend staying away from it. However I let it creep in lately by accident, Facebook doesn't help. My peers are off traveling the world, backpacking epic countries, climbing mountains and diving into new culture. Me? I'm here prepping for the craziest summer of my life.

With starting a business at 19 my travel was pushed aside while I took a serious pay cut and worked towards building a sustainable empire. Which meant leaving behind the work to quit your job and travel mentality I previously had.

This empire I'm building is essentially so I can fall off the face of the earth and live out of a backpack 2-5 months a year and still come home to clients I freaking adore. After all home is where the heart is.

So far I'm right on track to being able to travel 2-5 months every year. I'm exactly where I need to be, and comparing my life to other 23 year olds is exactly what I shouldn’t be doing. However it’s easier said than done, and it’s kind of how I ended up on my blog writing out the facts. The facts of looking at my own life and comparing it to my own goals rather than the opposing shenanigans I was doing earlier.

I just needed to remind myself that this path I'm wandering down is indeed the right path. This job I've created out of daydreams is something to be so incredibly proud of and stoked about. Reminding myself of the pure joy of sharing this journey and wild summer with rad couples.

2017 I’ve got some pretty epic plans for you; in the mean time I just needed this little reminder. A reminder to stop comparing my life to others and start looking at my life and how it’s aligned with my daydream, my goals and blowing them out of the water. 

Sarah Beaulieu

Photographer from Calgary, Alberta specializing in Weddings