Emily & Brendan : Acacia Ridge Winery, Australian Wedding Day


It seems the big question is how did this Canadian gal land a wedding in Australia. While I could write a novel on how this even happened, I'm going to attempt to keep it brief so I can rave about the day and Emily & Brendan. 

If we flash back 6-7 years ago, I was backpacking Europe and found myself in Greece. A gal I had been sharing a room with invited me for a night out. On this night out, I met Brendan and Jeremy. The biggest, most ridiculous bromance I have ever witnessed. It was like getting to party with my older brothers, the party I never got to attend. The stories these two told, the way they told it (probably full of exaggeration) had me in stitches. Then. I never saw them again.
We lived vicariously through one another on Facebook, and 3 years ago Brendan and his sister made a backpacking trip to Canada. A few nights out in Banff later, a few heart to hearts over dinner, and I had learned so much about this Emily, the lady he had just started dating, but the lady he knew he was going to marry. 

Em made a trek over to Canada and I got to meet her for all of 12 hours. She was quiet, a total sweetheart and gorgeous, it was clear the love these two had for one another. I spent the next 3 years living vicariously through them on social media, the travels, lavish meals and exciting adventures they were experiencing. We probably chatted semi annually, and when they got engaged, I remember thinking there is NO way they'd ask me to come all that way... yet they did. After crying tears of joy, it was an easy yes. More like a F*** YES. So here I am, sharing a bucket list wedding with all of you. 

This past week has been spent getting to know them better, and honestly. Emily is the sweetest human to grace this earth. She's kind, thoughtful, and literally SO smart. I found out Brendan is more than the funny jokes I met 6 years ago. He's generous, thoughtful and wrote one of the best poems I've ever heard. 
I could go on and on about the couple, but I think the wonderful family and friends who attended this wedding are only a testament to how highly we all think of them. 

I can't get enough of the photos, the location and everything about this day. Thanks SO much for asking me to document your beautiful day. I adore you two. 

Wedding Vendors

Venue : Acacia Ridge Winery, Yarra Valley
Wedding Dress : & For Love
Grooms Suit : Oscar Hunt Tailors
Rings : Paul Bram Diamonds
Hair : Meraki Hair
Make Up : Candice Salvatore
Florals: The Simple Gesture
Videographer: Rachael Mary Films

Sarah Beaulieu

Photographer from Calgary, Alberta specializing in Weddings