Erin + Jesse Wedding Day

Have you ever considered slipping into your wedding dress or tux again? Have you considered driving off to some gorgeous location to take some more wedding pictures? Erin and Jesse had an amazing wedding and were super happy with their photographer (I wasn't the one to photograph their wedding day). However they found that maybe not enough time was left aside in planning to have some moments of just the two of them, and certainly not enough time to drive all the way to the mountains. With their wedding only being 4 months ago, they easily pulled their outfits out of the closet and we headed for Lake Minnewanka. I can't say it was a warm sunny day, however it was amazing views, great company and a lot of love. Thank you SO much Jesse and Erin for trusting me to capture you two in such a perfect location


Sarah Beaulieu

Photographer from Calgary, Alberta specializing in Weddings