Grassi Lakes Jinx Approved

Who: You + Your Best friend

What: An easy pet friendly afternoon hike in Calgary’s backyard

Where: Grassi Lakes, Canmore Alberta

When: Ideal times, May-October.

How: One foot/paw in front of the other at a pace in which you’re comfortable.

Grassi Lakes is simple, dog friendly and makes for a great short hike if you don’t have an entire day, or aren’t yet ready for a big hike. It also helps that the signage and trailhead are simply marked for your easy access.

Follow the path, to which you’ll come to a cross roads to make a decision. Which will it be?

Easy route or “more difficult”.

The easy route is just that, a slow and steady pace up a gravel trail to the top. The more difficult way borders the edge, through trees, and up the side of a waterfall. The difficult side is a million times more picturesque and has rock stairs to get those legs burning.

Jinx and I have a preference to the difficult side on the way up and the easy way down. While you could argue you could come down the hard way (and I would if I wasn’t with Jinx), the stairs are steep in sections and I am more comfortable being pulled up than potentially being pulled down. Also I should note my dogs spatial awareness is lacking and I’m absolutely terrified of her slipping, falling and breaking my heart.

If you get up to this hike, we’d love to hear how it goes! Tag us on instagram or drop us a line. Jinx and I are always looking for new simple furry friendly hikes to add to our Spring/Summer List


Sarah Beaulieu

Photographer from Calgary, Alberta specializing in Weddings