Happy Birthday Jinx

I'm ok if you want to call me the crazy dog lady or if you want to say I went too far celebrating my dogs first birthday. I'll just accept the fact that you haven't yet been lucky enough to love an animal as much as I do. 

Jinx turned one yesterday and in one year we've accomplished a lot, we've adventured a lot. Literally every morning she is the first thing I see, I'm greeted with kisses and wiggles and love. I sometimes don't greet her with the same amount of affection especially if she's decided 5am is a good time to wake me up. She's hilarious and I can't remember a day I haven't laughed at her goofy personality. To say this year has been the best one yet would be an understatement.

Yesterday was a good day, she got new toys to destroy and she wore her party hat like she ran the place.

Sarah Beaulieu

Photographer from Calgary, Alberta specializing in Weddings