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 Photo Cred:  Breeze Photography

Photo Cred: Breeze Photography

Woo. You beautiful souls ask a lot of questions, a lot of hilarious Jinx related questions and also some questions regarding my business. Last night I hopped on IG Live and chatted with a few of you. If you missed it, or wanted a recap, check out a few questions below! 


What do I do with Jinx for Weddings? What do I do if Jinx gets sick and I have a wedding or a shoot?

It varies, but I am super fortunate to have an awesome support system here in Calgary. My mom is a Vet Tech so their is no human being I trust more with my Jinx than her. If Jinx is sick, my mom steps in or I have her stay at the vet clinic. If it's a long wedding or out of town wedding, she goes out to the kennel. If it's a 12 hour day or longer with travel times, she's dropped off at my Mom's Friday, and I pick her up Sunday. If it's just a regular wedding day, someone stops by to walk her and feed her. I'm lucky, I know! 

Where do you do agility with Jinx?

We are apart of the Prairie Dogs, a dog agility group that does shows for fun out at Spruce Meadows. We started training with agility when she was just a pup. Two awesome options are listed below. I don't have a bias to either, it's just depending what night or time of year you're into, and where you'd like to travel to! 




How I got started? Education?

I went to college (in Minnesota) because I wanted to play soccer, and photography seemed like the easiest/most fun program to take while I played. Turns out I actually LOVED the program, the first year was film based and I had a blast creating. When I was done the two year program I came back to Canada, decided to try photographing everything to see what I loved/didn't love. I completely surprised myself when I realized I LOVED weddings and essentially didn't love everything else!

What do your weeks look like? How do you stay disciplined?

The funny thing about freedom and working for yourself is freedom requires a whole lot of discipline. During wedding season I have a strict schedule in office and outside of office. I don't take on a lot of "extra" sessions during wedding season due to simply wishing to have a social life in my evenings/weekends when I can! 

Wedding Season
Monday- Emails/Client Care/Culling
Tuesdays- Editing (Evening is open for consults/shoots)
Wednesdays- Mostly Off - Phone Call with Couple
Thursdays- Website/Blog Prep/Camera Bag Prep
Friday- Off
Sunday- Half Day Off/Sneak Peek (2-3 hours) 

Some days I don't work on days I said I would. It's a tough balance, and I try to have 4 straight hours of discipline. With 1-2 hours elsewhere in the day where I work do emails/prep Instagram or have sessions/consults.

Turn around time on galleries and how do you deliver images?

My turn around time is 2 weeks, because I am TERRIFIED of losing my clients images. I am also easily overwhelmed by high numbers. So after 2-4 weddings in a row I would easily have 10,000 images to cull. That number overwhelms me, backing up those files consistently until I am able to get to culling (choosing the winners) is a lot more time consuming. By having a quick turn around, I am able to lessen my stress. Next year it will be a 3 week turn around tho...because I'm trying to slow my crazy down and take on less weddings in short periods of time. 
I deliver the images through PASS, it's essentially an online iCloud that holds the images. They're downloaded by my clients. They also can send the URL to friends and family and those friends and families can download through the gallery/print as well. 

How do you take care of your clients?

I'm "unprofessional", I follow along on social media and stay connected that way. My clients are following me anyways, and they know what I am up to. So I close that gap and keep in the loop of their life. That way when it does come time in those 12-24 months pre wedding, I can chat to them like I know what's going on. I can ask about their new puppy, the house they just bought, a trip they took, or the new job they got. It creates a better sense of friendship, which is the ultimate goal. 
At the end of it all I deliver tangible prints + a little love note + a small gift to my clients. Why would I do that? Because everything is online and through emails and texts and I've found that having something tangible to hold onto and to mark the "end" of our relationship is the best way. It's a way I can make my clients feel like they got "something" tangible, or that they can turn those online elements into a tangible item. 

How many couples do you take on a year?

Twenty couples is my max. 40 humans. Two reasons for this. 
1- There are 52 weeks in a year. Each couple amounts to 60+ hours of actual OFFICE hours with emails, culling, editing, delivering images, phone calls, etc. Let alone the wedding day I am photographing. Thats potentially 40 weeks worth of work. Not to mention the consults of the following years clients, the engagements sessions, the other work and travel I am doing. 
2- Remembering 20 different stories and 40 different humans lives is tough. I want to be able to remember my couples and offer a personalized experience. My brain can't take on more than 40 new faces. 

Alright, there were more questions that I did answer, but I only have time for this right now! If you have more questions, drop into my inbox or even become friends with me (and Jinx obviously)!

Sarah Beaulieu

Photographer from Calgary, Alberta specializing in Weddings