Julia & Archie : Calgary Engagement Photographer

Want to make me happy? Bring your dog. Want to steal my heart? Bring two dogs. This Calgary engagement session stole my heart.

Julia & Archie won me over instantly.. or should I say Jax and Bear won me over. We all know how I feel about boxers, so Jax was love at first sight. Bear is a rescue and so goofy with his fierce attention on his surroundings and his care-less about Sarah attitude. Adorable, he was playing hard to get. But we snagged a few with his eyes looking right at me (or maybe past me). You’ll never know.

This may just have been my last fall session of 2018… due to the high winds and snow that swooped in to remove the gorgeous colour. If it is the last colour I’ll see… it was the perfect way to end the fall season.

Sarah Beaulieu

Photographer from Calgary, Alberta specializing in Weddings