Kristen & Matt Wedding Day

Kristen. I thought you look dynamite in your staple long sleeve t-shirt and Nike runners.

But hot damn. You showed us!

Let me talk about Kristen. I could say without a doubt that she made my two years in college better. Although no one likes to be injured, or spending time doing Physio etc... spending that time with Kristen was fun. She understood my sarcasm, joked about everything and taped my ankles like no one else could do. 

She never spoke about her love life, she always drew a hard line with her "atheltes" on personal life conversation. So I ignored that line and consistently joked she needed a man in her life. And just like that, a man named Matt appeared to be delivering her food to RCTC. When a man this good looking shows up at the school to deliver her food... I of course did the opposite of what she'd want. I made a deal out of it. 

Today I'm making an even bigger deal out of it. Here we are, years later watching her marry the love of her life. I've never seen Kristen like this, she lights up when she's on the phone with him, and is giddy when she's with him. It's really just a Kristen I never knew in my college years but a Kristen I was hopeful to one day see. 

In saying all this, Sunday I was honoured to be apart of her day.

Matt & Kristen I can't thank you enough for trusting me enough to bring me back to Rochester but also include me in your celebrations. Enjoy your images and sharing them with your loved ones. 

Wedding Vendors


Wedding Dress: Affairs By Brittany 
Florist: Sargents on 2nd
Ceremony Venue: Studio 324 
Reception & Catering: 5 West Kitchen and Bar
Hair: Stephanie Knutson Hair
Make Up: GLAM Beauty Lounge
Live Music: Jeremy Jewell
DJ: Apollo Music Group
Groomsmen Attire: Kenneth Cole Suit

Sarah Beaulieu

Photographer from Calgary, Alberta specializing in Weddings