Lauren & Chip : Canmore Alberta Cornerstone Theatre Wedding


I don't even know where to begin. The weeks leading up to this wedding was full of snow, -15 degree weather and a lot of mud. I was worried, worried for her dress, worried for photos of all the gals freezing and worried that I'd fail them on finding the beautiful landscapes without the mud that seemingly came with it this time of year. 

Friday though? Friday was all sorts of sunshine, the kind you dream of for your wedding day. Lauren let me know that the sun was simply her Dad. He was looking out for her from above ensuring his little girls wedding day was pure magic. 

You may recall seeing these two on my blog here...
While these two met at a halloween party, I think my favourite story that I learned so far was about the proposal. It happened on the coldest of days in Calgary. Lauren was suppose to walk across Peace Bridge, and in Chip's mind her walk from work should take 5 minutes. Reality is it would take 15 minutes. Chip doesn't fair well when he's nervous, passionate, and excited about his long awaited plan to propose. This very wait throws his brain in overdrive. So for those long 10 minutes Chip paced the bridge saying to his friends "it's not happening, she's not coming, I'm not getting engaged". Ahh, if you knew this man... you could literally picture this happening. Haha. Lauren showed up, said yes and of course here we are now as they take on life as husband and wife. 

Anyways, I should get to the point, why you are really here. Maybe it's to live vicariously through the wedding as you plan your own Canmore wedding. Maybe it's because you know the couple and want to relive it. Whichever it is, take your time as you scroll through and view this stunning day! 


Venue : Canmore Cornerstone Theatre
Wedding Dress : Novia Mia Bridal : Stella York
Brides Shoes : Le Chateau
Grooms Suit : Mens Wearhouse
Rings : Alberta Diamond Exchange
Hair & Make Up : Simply Me Canmore
Florals: Amborella
Bridesmaid Dresses : Davids Bridal
DJ : Gaston Maqueda
Dessert : Cake Creations

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Sarah Beaulieu

Photographer from Calgary, Alberta specializing in Weddings