Maggie & Zach Engagement

Just two nights before their Canadian Wedding, we were photographing Maggie & Zach's  engagement session. The circumstances were special; dating long distance, getting married in the USA through strict Visa rules which actually forbid Maggie to leave the country until now.

I first met Maggie & Zach in December 2015 where I learned of their grand love story. I hadn't seen them since our coffee date 15 months ago, so it was amazing to catch up and get a feel for their chemistry and refresh my memory on just how crazy this love story is. 
The two met at their best friends wedding, Zach was instantly smitten and on a mission while Maggie admits she was hesitant. They started a relationship long distance, (I'm talking Alaska & Halifax long distance). The rest of their dating was full of meeting up on adventures across North America during school breaks and holidays only to finally live in the same country (and city!) this past year! Ahh I just love a good story like this. 

Here are a few snippets into my evening spent with the couple this past April.

Sarah Beaulieu

Photographer from Calgary, Alberta specializing in Weddings