Samantha & Tyler Wedding Day

I can't pinpoint what it is about high school sweethearts that I love the most. I can tell you it’s a different kind of love to be around. It's goofy, playful, and full of depth. Maybe it's because on average they're together longer than most couples due to simply being far too young to marry. Maybe it's because they faced the world together, through the awkward stages, rejections and achievements that high school + adulthood brings. Whatever it is, it's one of my favourite things. An all encompassing love, the one that never flees, but is bound closer with each battle or milestone. I've watched these two fall in love at least half a dozen times, in a new way, in a new light and I hope they never lose that spark. 

In January 2017 I was given the privilege to follow them to Jamaica for a destination wedding. Sometimes I can’t even believe that this is apart of my job, but it’s creating the very best memories.

My heart is completely full and I owe it to the 22 people I got to meet in January. It's no wonder Tyler & Samantha are in love like this, they have the greatest friends + family building them up.


Thank you to every single one of you for including me in the celebration. This was surely a trip I won't ever forget.


Destination Wedding Specialist : Pamela Walker 

Venue : Royalton White Sands Resort

Dress : Cotton Wood BridalMorilee | Madeline Gardner

Sarah Beaulieu

Photographer from Calgary, Alberta specializing in Weddings