Surrounded by Love

What’s it like to be around love all the time?

Inspiring and moving…but also heart wrenching & hilarious.

It’s like attending a movie; you see snippets into their life and relationship.
You meet them for coffee.
It’s the effortlessness in how they enter a room together, the simplicity in how they interact with you.
It’s instant the way they’re on the same page, the way they roll eyes at one another’s jokes. 

Then you meet them for their engagement session and you see the way they look at one another.

You watch the uncomfortable first giggles as they get in front of the camera only to then watch them completely unfold into the comfort of one another.

You see the sentimental side that creeps through, the glances at one another that can’t be replicated.

You see him brush the hair out of her eyes; you see her efforts in coordinating their outfits, the pleas for one “proper” smile.

You see two humans solely invested in one another.

Then you show up at their wedding.
You catch them separately, without their person.
You catch her glancing at herself in the mirror, fidgeting with her ring.
You watch him joking with the guys about his last moments of freedom, yet hearing in his voice how damn excited he is to see her walk down that aisle.

You catch the first glance; a jaw dropping silence takes over. You observe as the uncontrollable giggles soften into tears.
Then you get to watch the way they look at one another, the goofy grins, funny vows the unexpected tears and even ugly cries. 

At the end of all this I take them away to a safe place where it’s just the two of them.
It’s where I get to listen to their voice change when they call one another husband or wife.
I get to listen to them giggle about how the day played out, or the time the best man dropped the rings, or the temper tantrum the flower girl threw down the aisle.
I get the listen to them talk to their favorite person and how their day was leading up to the moment they saw one another.

It's ridiculously inspiring, sometimes hilarious but always makes the heart happy.

Sarah Beaulieu

Photographer from Calgary, Alberta specializing in Weddings