Taige + Justin Proposal

I first met Taige in the fall of my freshman year of college. It was soccer season, actually it was preseason...if anyone has been through it you'll understand. Taige wore green nike cleats and was the first self taught soccer player I had come across who kicked with the weirdest part of her foot... with such power and accuracy. It didn't take much more than a week in preseason before we were spending our afternoons and evenings together watching disney movies, napping or laughing for hours trying to get through our lack of sleep and sore muscles during preseason.

I had heard about Justin, he had been pointed out, and I had seen him the odd time with Taige in the sports centre. They were high school sweethearts and had one of the greatest relationships I've seen in this generation. Justin and Taige would fight, they would bicker and they would drive one another nuts...except it was in the most hilarious way possible. They never were actually mad with eachother... except this one time and even still after that fight Taige came home to a written note on her pillow saying "i still love you".

This couple screamed love, and everyone who knew them wanted a relationship just like it. It's rare to see a love like that especially in college when everything changes and people grow into different people. Our friends often joked that they would give up on love if Taige and Justin ever ended, thankfully we don't need to worry about that.

After spending two years third wheeling them it was time for me to return to Canada. Taige and I didn't exactly lose touch, nor did we stay in touch. We just simply knew that at the end of the day we've got a life long friend in one another.

Justin messaged me in late April saying he was ready to propose and he wanted to wait till June but he was getting ancy. He had a huge plan set up, and we decided that memorial day weekend I could fly in for 24hours and make the surprise a little more memorable. I've never done video before, but I made an attempt for this trip and I also managed to capture Taige the entire way down the path to where Justin was waiting for her.

It was a beautiful moment, and I'm not one to tear up but seeing Taige after a two year hiatus was amazing and seeing her happily ever after come together was another thing. Love you both so much, and thank you for including me in your life together!

Sarah Beaulieu

Photographer from Calgary, Alberta specializing in Weddings