Taige + Justin Wedding Sneak Peek

I couldn’t think of a better couple to travel to Mexico for. Taige and Justin are just two of the most wonderful human beings to grace the earth. I remember in College I’d ask Taige how she knew then he was going to be the guy she married. Her answer was easy, she just knew. She followed up with the three factors; He’s nice to look at, he’s nice to her, and he’s athletic. She’s my kind of girl, practical. Obviously there are many more factors ahah.

Justin was just a gentleman, always had nice things to say, he showed up to every soccer game, had good advice to give and I had no doubt in my mind I’d be attending these two’s wedding one day. I’m just happy they chose Mexico, this time of year when it is -30 back in Canada.

Never have I ever loved a couple as much as I love these two, I’m serious. Don’t get me wrong all my couples have been amazing and I love their loves but this one is different. I lived in the same building complex as Taige and Justin for 2 years, I third wheeled movie nights, joined in on meals and all around felt like I basically lived with them. It was a personal look on their relationship and seeing it come full circle and listening to Justin’s nervous giggle as Taige walked the pier for their first look was just an ideal way to spend my day.

I remember being in college with all our friends and saying if Taige and Justin break up, we were all giving up on love. Joking of course, but that’s how much Taige and Justin’s peers valued what these two love birds have. We valued how much they loved one another while pursuing their own dreams and goals, how no matter what they had to work through they were working through it together. They kind of amaze me being so young and so wise within a relationship.

My favorite moment I ever witnessed of Taige and Justin’s relationships was also a low point in their relationship. It’s I guess when I knew that they’d be together forever, that nothing was going to be strong enough to tear them apart. They got in a fight, a heated argument that ended in slamming doors and silence. Taige got up and left, I remember calling her to see if she was ok and her saying she was just sitting in her car cause she was so mad. When Taige returned, Justin had left her a note on her pillow, with nothing more but nothing less than the simplicity of “I still love you”.  Talk about heart wrenching I think I even shed a tear when I saw it, this couple is just meant to be.

Here is your sneak peek, with much love from myself.

Sarah Beaulieu

Photographer from Calgary, Alberta specializing in Weddings