Branding Session: The Content Planner Kat Gaskin

There are clients who you love working with, then there are clients you dream of working with. I dreamed of working on brand content with Kat Gaskin like it was some far off distant wish. So far off that when her email landed in my inbox I thought, is this real life? It was, it was totally real life and I got to capture Kat speaking/hosting a workshop at her first conference out at Azuridge!

If you’re in the market to grow your business intentionally, I’m going to strongly encourage you to follow her on Instagram. You’ll be blown away with tips + tricks and most of all the tool she created.

Why I love it

  1. It meets all my must be pretty stationery needs

  2. They’ve listed all the holidays + hashtags to be on the lookout for each month

  3. They’ve created the tools you need to successfully brainstorm and implement a strategy to your content. Monthly Goals to strategically map out content, On Your Radar to consciously be looking ahead, Hashtags & Hitlist to be intentional about who you’re working with or looking to work with

  4. Easy place to track your progress and hold yourself accountable

  5. A place to dream up how you’re going to take action

The Content Planner has been a game changer in my own business, link below to purchase your own!

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Sarah Beaulieu

Photographer from Calgary, Alberta specializing in Weddings