What to Wear to an Engagement Shoot

I get it, it can be intimidating to have your picture taken, we want to look nice, make sure nothing is in our teeth and that our hair is perfect. I realize this preparation for the photo shoot can be a little overwhelming so I’ve put together some tips for outfits and accessories in hopes to ease your mind and give you less to think about! 

COORDINATE, don’t Match. Matching outfits tends to look more like a sibling photo session than a dreamy couple in love.

Don’t be afraid to wear BOLD statement pieces. Make your outfit completely your own by adding scarves, necklaces or a pair of fun shoes.

MOST PATTERNS are OK… however graphics or written words on T-shirts are not favorable for portraits. If you’re wearing a pattern, make sure it’s not overwhelming/distracting.

EMPTY your pockets! I don’t want to see the outline to your phone, car keys or lip gloss in these images.

MOST often, couples like to have one casual, everyday outfit as well as an outfit that is a bit dressier. This will give your shoot two different looks and create more versatile images. I recommend beginning with the dressy outfit first!

Make sure you’re COMFORTABLE in what you’re wearing, after all confidence shines through in images. *Ladies, please note that extremely low cut tops can limit the angles in which I can shoot from.

Be on TIME! The sun is only out for so long, meaning every minute you’re late takes away from your photo session time.

CLEAN the ring! I love taking a few ring shots when given the chance. The cleaner the better!

RELAX! You don’t have to be a pro at this. I’ll be there the whole way to have fun and to guide you in the right directions. Enjoy the time together and perhaps even make a date night out of it!

DOG LOVERS: If you’re bringing your fur child please bring an extra set of hands (family or friend) for the photographs where it will just be the two of you! FREE Dog engagement guide by clicking here

If these tips don’t get your mind flowing, I hope the following images spark your inspiration. If you need further help, you know where to reach me and I’m sure you’ve heard of pinterest. A simple search of “Fall engagement outfits” , “Spring Couple Outfits”, or “engagement outfit inspiration” will leave you with perhaps an overwhelming amount of options.


Sarah Beaulieu

Photographer from Calgary, Alberta specializing in Weddings