S1.E2: Claim Your Income

We hopefully know that we need to be putting aside 30-35% of our income, but what’s more is you need to be tracking all your expenses. Some expenses may only be able to be taken at 20%, while others you get to expense the full amount. In this episode I’m hoping to jog your memory on all the potential expenses you may have forgotten to include in your tax filing. I’ve also created a free resource for you to download and go through before making those numbers official on your file.

If you have questions about taxes, I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be sitting down with an accountant to interview her about all the things we need clarity on! Stay tuned on my Instagram, as I’ll be posting a story to allow for an easy place to send those questions. You are also welcome to DM me!

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Mile IQ: Easy way to track your mileage

ShoeBoxed/Wave/Expensify: Easy ways to document your receipts digitally

Quick Books: Software for tracking income and expenses and sending invoices.

Excel Spread sheet – For you old school lovers like me

Free Checklist Below: To help jog your memory

Take Action

Gather all your receipts/invoices + subscriptions

Choose your method of putting together your numbers

Hire An Accountant

File those taxes

*Hopefully get a tax return, but don’t get your hopes too high as a small business owner*


Music by Mark Andrew Spencer

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