What is a Mastermind?

A group of business owners coming together to hold one another accountable to our own unique goals. We as business owners help one another through our pain points and motivate the growth of our business. Think collective mentoring, coaching, learning. Everyone is a student, everyone is a teacher. We are ALL equal.

This is a safe space designed to share our wins, our struggles, and collectively brainstorm and share resources and take our businesses further. A group where everyone has different expertise + knowledge to bring to the table. A group where everyone benefits.

About your Host

I’ve been in business officially for 6 years, specifically in the wedding industry for 6 years. While I am a photographer, the majority of my knowledge and passion is on the business side. I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, I’m a firm believer in doing business the legal way and take pride in creating a community of business owners supporting one another.
While I’ve invested in my own education and growth hiring mentors, I’ve also been mentoring small business owners and photographers for the past 3 years.

My role in this mastermind is to guide the discussion, keep us on track and ensure everyone is supported. My role is to create a space where everyone can learn, teach and be held accountable.

this mastermind is for you if you are

…struggling to achieve the goals you’ve set out

…struggling to set intentional goals based on your big picture

…motivated by peer accountability

…believe in sharing knowledge

…feeling like you can’t keep your head above water

…ready to work hard


12 Calls
(1) 1 on 1 Goal Setting call with Sarah Beau
(5) Calls on Focus Topics
(5) Collaborative Brainstorming Calls

4-6 Business Besties to support you, coach you and hold you accountable to your short term and long term goals.

A Slack Channel dedicated to support and resources


It’s time you invested in yourself,

It’s time you made a commitment to yourself that

this year you’re going to finish strong.

You’re going to build a business that works for you,

that allows you to dream bigger. 


6 Month Timeline

June 10 - June 30

We start with goal setting with a one on one call with Sarah Beau. This call helps establish where you’re at, your current struggles and your current dreams. We then create a personalized structured goal and plan to achieve it. 


From July to November we share 2 calls a month.
One call each month will discuss a topic associating with running your business.
The other calls are a time for you to bring your problems and have your new business besties walk you through the ideas/solutions your brain was too fogged to see.

December 10

We end our season together prior to or on December 10 with one final call together, the reflection + future ahead of us.


the facts

What happens if I miss a call?

While I strongly encourage you to show up for each call and make it a priority, all sessions are recorded audio. You get what you put into this, and your mastermind team is counting on you to show up.

How do calls work?

Call times and dates will be set out in advance, you can expect to be on the call for 60 minutes to a maximum of 90. These calls follow a schedule guided by myself! I ensure we stay on topic as we discuss our short term goals being accomplished to discussing our current pain points. Everyone gets a turn to chat & discuss.

What is the calls format?

Welcome/Goal Updates – Where are you in terms of accountability for the short term goal you set out for yourself
Discussion- Each member get’s their turn to chat on the discussion topic or in the case of the collaborative brainstorm, members get to chat about their current pain points. 
Sign Off- What you’re going to accomplish before our next call

your excuses

I’m not as successful as others

The successfulness of your business at the current moment is not a reflection of the knowledge you can bring to the table. I’ll bet you’re killing it in some areas of your business and those areas might be EXACTLY where someone else needs help. I work hard to match up applications into groups that can all learn from one another. 

I’m too busy right now

Chances are this is when you need the MOST support, when you’re dealing with the most struggles.

I can’t afford it

Ask yourself, what is the potential for your business growth if you do invest in yourself? If you aren’t willing to invest in your own self and your own growth, why should clients invest in you?

Are you ready to transform your business?

Are you ready to take the last half of 2019 and make it yours?


acception applications

Mastermind Dates: June 10-December 10

I take these applications and turn them into teams. Teams that have strengths and weaknesses that compliment one another to get the MOST growth out of the group.
I also take these applications to ensure that no two members are in direct competition with one another. 

By filling out this questionnaire you’re not guaranteed admittance.

Groups will only be run if there is a clear line up of business owners to make an impactful and positive experience!