Beau Basics Camera Guide

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Beau Basics Camera Guide


I could not be more excited to finally release this Camera DSLR Guide. I want everyone to be able to use the camera they invested in and to be able to use it well. This guide is filled with written content, visual references and videos to cater to all learning types. Whether you own a Canon or Nikon camera, the Beau Basics guide offers the tools to help you understand the different settings to capture the images you want.

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This 4 module all-inclusive 30+ page guide is accessible as an instant digital download, and goes in depth with the following topics:

  • What the functions on your camera actually mean
  • What modes are best for what situations
  • How to properly expose an image to your personal liking
  • How to compose an image
  • What light is easiest to work in
  • Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and how they relate

Your Beau Basics Guide also includes access to:

  • 4 mini videos to help you master the different modes
  • 1 video to help you understand editing
  • Extra videos with tips
  • Bonus 20 minute skype call to bring clarity and ask questions to help you better understand (expires 30 days after purchase date)


Due to the nature of file restrictions in an E-commerce store, additional video footage will be sent in a seperate link within 24 hours of your purchase time. Videos that are missing from this package in your initial download are not needed for use until Module two. 

Please read the following information carefully to ensure this product is for you. While this course is geared to both Canon & Nikon DSLR users, the videos are done with a Canon camera in hand. I've had users with Nikon & Sony both feel they could accomplish the course and have said there was enough crossover in terminology and modes to have a successful course with all information & videos. 
This online guide is for those who are unsure of all the functions your DSLR camera brings to the table. Whether you’ve had your camera for years and take great pictures in auto or you just purchased one for your next vacation, this guide covers the mastering of different functions from full manual to the Aperture Priority or Shutter Priority DSLR camera’s offer. Please refer to the listing above to see what is all included in the online guide. If you have any additional questions that’d you’d like answered before purchasing, please email

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I be able to access the guide immediately? 
Once you purchase your guide, you will be emailed the download link. From there, you are able to download the file and begin your guide as soon as you'd like. Links expire after 24 hours. 

When can I book the skype call?
After completing your purchase, you’ll here from me within 48 hours to schedule your complimentary 20 minute skype call to ensure you can make the most of this guide by asking me questions!

How many downloads do I have?
Your purchase limits you to a one-time download.

Will my download link expire?
From your time of purchase, you will have 24 hours to download your guide as well as the additional videos sent.

If questions come up or you need help with the purchase, please email and I’ll be happy to answer.

**Price is in Canadian dollars