One on One Skype Mentoring Call


One on One Skype Mentoring Call


I’ve always been a firm believer in sharing the knowledge and creating a community to strengthen the industry. These online mentoring calls will take place via Skype, duo or FaceTime, whichever works best for your convenience. Although I’d love to be able to say yes to every coffee date and in person mentoring session, meeting in person isn’t always realistic or for everyone.

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These calls are completely customizable. Whatever part in your business you need help on, a second set of eyes on or guidance to crush those goals, I'm here to listen and give advice + feedback. 

Once you have purchased your hour-long call you will hear from me within 48 hours to secure a date and time in the calendar! 

Topics we can cover

+ Legalizing your business

+ Workflows

+ Boundaries

+ Schedule Enforcement

+ Business 101

+ Pricing to profit

+ Client Care & Experience 

+ Client Streamlining

+ Website

+ Content Creation

+ Photography, camera functions

+ Editing Basics + Consistency (Lightroom)